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IntraCoat Pipeline Services, Inc., known world-wide as "IPS" is the international leader of internal pipeline cleaning and coating. Pipeline pigs are used to mechanically and chemically clean the full length of the pipeline. To complete the IntraCoat process, pipeline pigs apply our unique corrosion-resistant epoxy coating.

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IntraCoat Pipeline Cleaning and Coating
IntraCoat cleaning and coating is a viable and cost-effective solution for maintaining the integrity of your pipelines. By providing a continuous protective lining, not only can you save your existing pipeline through positive internal corrosion prevention for a fraction of total replacement cost, but many additional benefits are derived from internal pipeline coating.

Learn more about our Internal Pipeline Coating service by viewing our video on pipeline corrosion and our pipeline rehabilitation and pipeline corrosion protection. Learn more or view our video!
Pipeline Corrosion Protection
The IPS pipeline maintenance program increases your profits by lowering your cost through . . .
  • Increased pipeline flow,
  • Reduced energy costs,
  • Reduced use of inhibitors,
  • Reduced maintenance,
  • Reduced pig runs and wear,
  • Clean product delivery,
  • Increased pipeline life, and
  • Rapid return on investment.       Learn More!
Internal Pipeline Coating
Internal pipeline corrosion is obviously not limited to a particular region, it can exist anywhere in the world. For over 40 years our superior staff has delivered proven results offshore and in unique situations. Learn More!

Internal Pipeline Coating & Corrosion Protection

If you are concerned about pipeline corrosion, call IPS to learn aout our internal pipeline coating process or pipeline rehabilitation. Our pipe coatings, sometimes called in-situ coating are performed with your pipeline in place.

June 9, 2009

Kevin Cato
IntraCoat Pipeline Services, LP
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December 23, 2006
Known world-wide as IPS, we have updated our name to better reflect our state-of-the-art technology. We are now called Intra . . . [More]

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