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IntraCoat Pipeline Services, Inc., known world-wide as "IPS" is the international leader of internal pipeline cleaning and coating. Pipeline pigs are used to mechanically and chemically clean the full length of the pipeline. To complete the IntraCoat process, pipeline pigs apply our unique corrosion-resistant epoxy coating.

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IntraCoat Pipeline Services
IntraCoat Pipeline Services

IPS Coating Procedures

The coating is loaded between two specially designed pigs. Using a pre-determined driving pressure, the correct velocity is maintained to provide a controlled film thickness. Usual specifications would require a minimum of three coating runs, with the coating train driven by completely dry and particulate free compressed air. After each coating run, the same compressed air continues to slightly blow through the pipeline to ensure total evacuation of the released solvents and aid in drying between coats. The pot life of the coating is such to allow more than a reasonable time to perform the coating operation.

Realizing every pipeline is unique, I.P.S. must be prepared to meet the demands of varying wall thickness, valves, bends, and profiles, in either on-shore or off-shore pipelines. For these reasons, every coating application is carefully planned and implemented on an individual case basis. I.P.S. works closely with you and the coating manufacturer to provide the exact coating to meet your specific needs.

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June 9, 2009

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December 23, 2006
Known world-wide as IPS, we have updated our name to better reflect our state-of-the-art technology. We are now called Intra . . . [More]

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